Partnership with our local churches is critical to our ministry. Our volunteers, Board members, and staff all come from our local churches. We also are available to speak to your members on sanctity of life issues, biblical relationships, abortion recovery, and the biblical picture of adoption.

Many churches in our community support the Center through regular giving, the Baby Bottle Blitz and other fund raisers, and through Baby Showers. To become a partnering church, contact the main office at 301-737-4604 and ask to speak to the Executive Director.

Sexual Risk Avoidance and Relationship Education

Sexual Risk Avoidance and Relationship Education are logical companion pieces to the services we offer to our clients. If we can teach young people the physical, emotional, and spiritual advantages of chastity, and encourage them to make wise choices, there will be less need for our pregnancy and abortion recovery services.

Our purpose is to equip individuals with strategies to cultivate healthy relationships, with an emphasis on honoring marriage and reserving sexual expression for the marriage relationship. We accomplish this through presentations and panels.

Teens and young adults need to hear the truth about how their behavior impacts their health and how their choices affect their future relationships. They also need to understand that God’s boundaries are lovingly designed to protect them. Feedback from teens, parents, educators and youth workers state that they are learning new information and are encouraged to rethink or reaffirm their choices. We offer formats suitable in both faith based and secular atmospheres.

To schedule a Sexual Risk Avoidance Presentation or to get more information email